Previous Development

1981 - 1984Preclinical development at the research laboratory of Byk Gulden Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Constance.
1985 - 1986Clinical phase 1
1986 - 1993Clinical phase 2, additional indications (heart insufficiency, hyperlipidemia), looking for co-operation partners.
1994The inventor and owner of the patents – Dr. Horst P. O. Wolf quits with ALTANA Pharma AG, Constance and proceeds with the development.
1998Filing of new oxirane carbonylic acids (Etomoxir-backups) for patent (diabetes indication).
1999 - 2003Out-licensing to MediGene AG (Germany). The pase II clinical trial was stopped due to accidential side effects (increase of liver enzymes in few cases). Late statistical evaluation has shown no differences between the verum and the placebo groups. The BioScience-Beteiligungs-Anstalt (LI) has been in-licensed the patents.
2007 - 2011MetrioPharm AG (Switzerland) keeps a license going. This agreement has been quitted by us in 2011.
2013 -Dr. Wolf - Bioscience has been proceeding the business on success of the BioScience-Beteiligungs-Anstalt (LI).