Spectrum of effects as shown in clinical studies

Effects of etomoxir in type 2 diabetics in comparison with placebo. Maximal effects as means. Various studies with 200 patients.

Fasting blood glucose- 18%
Keton bodies- 78%
Triglycerides- 54%
Total cholesterol- 28%
LDL-Cholesterol- 44%
HDL-Cholesterol+ 39%
Metabolic Clearance Rate+ 33%

Effects of etomoxir in heart insufficient patients (NYHA II – III). Maximal effects as means. Two studies with 110 patients.

Max. cardiac output+ 33%
Max. stroke volume+ 31%
Left ventricular Ejection fraction+ 22%
Triglycerides- 31%
Total cholesterol- 9%
LDL-Cholesterol+ 13%
HDL-Cholesterol+ 63%