Effect of Etomoxir during a self-experiment

Clinical anamnesis in the year 2000: Patient H.W., age 69, sex m., body weight 75 kg, height 172 cm, body fat 24%.

No pathological signs after internistic-clinical examination. No abnormal vascular risk (scan of the Arteria carotis communis). Normal neurological findings.

Lipid metabolic disorder with pathological high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, low HDL-cholesterol. Mild liver injury (increased gamma-GT activity) by daily 20 g alcohol intake. No medicaments.


Start of etomoxir administration: January 01, 2001. Oral dose of 2 x 20 mg daily (morning and evening).

Clinical-chemical parameters before and after 8 weeks of etomoxir administration (2 x 20 mg/daily)

Gamma-GT (I.E/l)5024
GPT (I.E./l)2222
Triglyzeride (mg/dl)370202
Cholesterol (mg/dl)254233
HDL-Chol. (mg/dl)4252

At that time there were no signs of any diabetic disorder. The oral dose of etomoxir was increased from 2 x 20 mg/daily to
2 x 40 mg/daily during the next nine years. Clinical-chemical investigations were carried out several times during this time period with the following results:

Clinical-chemical parameters after 4-weekly periods of suspension of etomoxir and after 4 weekly periods of re-administration of etomoxir (2 x 40 mg/daily) N = number of periods.

Gamma-GT (I.E/l)45834
GPT (I.E./l)42725
Triglyzeride (mg/dl)4286167
Cholesterol (mg/dl)4240225
HDL-Chol. (mg/dl)44959

In 03/2010, during a period of suspension of etomoxir, one week after the last administration, diabetes type 2 was diagnosed. The disturbed glucose metabolism was normalized first with 70 I.U. Insulin (short- and long-acting insulin) per day and later on with on average 26.1 I.U. insulin daily (only short insulin after the meals in the morning and in the evening). Then, after one year, an oral administration of 2 x 40 mg/daily etomoxir in addition to insulin was started. One week later the necessary dose of insulin was reduced by etomoxir to on average 11.1 I.U. (s. figure 1).

Clinical-chemical parameters at the day of diagnosis of diabetes type 2 und during the therapy with insulin alone and insulin + etomoxir (2 x 40 mg/daily) in 2011.

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Figure 1: Reduction of Insulin by Etomoxir